Experiments in Hipster Criticism


Susan Sontag’s vaguely noirish, Chandleresque and glamorous crit of the Seagram Building — “Like a gigolo’s hand up a silk stocking…” Need we say more? Watch it all below.

*ps: and for contemporary hpstr-esque criticism, check out this hilarious post (first architecturally spotted by Owen Hatherley). 


  1. New Fan

    What show is this from? Where can I see the whole thing?

  2. dlgissen

    It’s from some BBC show about modernism or perhaps, architecture in NYC. It’s hard to tell. Maybe one of my British friends/readers could help identify the program? On youtube someone wrote that the Sontag clip is from “monitor”, but nothing comes up when I search that source. I may track it down.

    I know it’s a very brief clip, but the reason I was so drawn to it is her experimentation with the possible voice of architectural criticism. I may post something about that in the future.

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