Subnature on Amazon

subnature cover

It’s now available (!)


  1. I’m looking forward to reading your book. I’ll notify you when I post a review on my site.

  2. dlgissen

    Fantastic; and if it’s a “gut” read (specialized in those when in grad school), I especially recommend the Introduction, Dankness, Debris, Insects, and the Epilogue (sort of hidden in the back of the back). Happy reading, and thanks for all your support this past year.

  3. I’m a “cover to cover” reader most of the time. After reading the introduction, that will definitely be the case here.

  4. David – FYI: Here’s my review. – John

    • dlgissen

      Thanks John: A good review! I mostly agree with your point about the last fifteen years; though the book discusses the ideas of Eisenman, Kipnis, Coop Himmelblau, Wigley and Lebbeus Woods (though often without accompanying images). Perhaps a more expanded point about Tschumi’s “architecture and transgression” material would have been warranted. Anyway thanks again. I’ll drop you a line when in NYC. DLG

      • David – Using the word “missing” regarding this time period in my review seems inaccurate now that I reread it. Saying the last 15 years are underrepresented would probably be better, especially in terms of projects instead of theories. Best – John

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