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Events and Reviews

Monday night, CCA will hold a mini-symposium for the recent Territory issue of AD; description of the event:

Monday, October 11, 7 pm

CCA San Francisco campus
Timken Lecture Hall
1111 Eighth Street (at 16th and Wisconsin)

Participants will include Peter Anderson, Javier Arbona, Ila Berman, Nicholas de Monchaux, Nataly Gattegno, David Gissen, Jason K. Johnson, Byron Kuth, Elizabeth Ranieri, Mitchell Schwarzer, and Craig Scott.

How can nature be remade with ideas, forms, and processes from the history and theory of architecture? How can nature be remade through urban design? What visions of ecology, technology, and performance have emerged? What is the future of architecture in relation to this evolution of nature?

Please join us in a discussion of ideas and provocations generated from the recent issue of Architectural Design, “Territory: Architecture Beyond Environment,” edited by David Gissen.

And, if you have access to the Journal of Architectural Education, check out a combined review of Subnature, The Infrastructural City, and the first few issues of New Geographies.