Renderings of the Reconstructed Mound of Vendôme

Work on the Mound of Vendôme proposal continues. I’ve been working with Victor Hadjikyraciou – the same renderer from Museums of the City – to develop renderings of the project. These are shown below.

If you’re unfamiliar with the project, more information can be found here and here. I’ve been traveling both nationally and internationally talking about this project and passing around the project petition. We have hundreds of signatures from an exciting mix of interesting architecture students and some of my favorite architects, architectural historians and writers.


  1. 1 David Gissen’s Reconstruction of the Mound of Vendôme : socks-studio

    […] Gissen, teacher at CCA, author of Subnature and editor of HTC Experiments, proposed a project of radical reconstruction, a pragmatic statement “drawn from the idea of radical history, the history of politically […]

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